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"Sundarpukhuri Prathamik Dugdha Utpadak Samabai Samiti " (Sundarpukhuri Milk Co-Operative Society) was formed at Sundarpukhuri, Nazira under the initiative and guidance of Dr.Jagadish Barman, local Veterinary Assistant Surgeon of Nazira as "a project for quality milk production and self employment generation "on 13th.July, 2004(Regn.No.-SVS/NZR/ 1 of 2004-2005). It started collection and marketing of milk on 1st.August/2004 with 56lts. milk daily collected from 12 members of the area. After primary evaluation collected milk is sold by the local unemployed youths through locked milk cans. Public instantaneously accepted the society milk. In the beginning, milk was distributed at Nazira Town only which was later on extended to Simaluguri and Sivasagar Towns simultaneously on public demand.

The milk producers also felt satisfied and confident on the society. Prior to formation of the society, the cattle producers could sale only limited quantity of milk through traditional milk vendors when the payment was lower and usually very irregular or incomplete. The major profit was gone to the pocket of middlemen, the vendors only. On the other hand, the milk vendors do not maintain the quality of milk supplied to the customers and frequently adopt adulteration. As a result the demand of locally produced milk is lower.

The conscious customers prefer branded milk from outside the state at comparatively higher prices .This is the major hurdle for development of dairy industry in Assam. But, from the very beginning, the society is taking utmost care to maintain quality of milk for customer's satisfaction as well as to pay reasonable price to the milk producers regularly. Now, society is paying the milk producers monthly bill by 10th.Day of proceeding month regularly through their bank accounts like Govt. employees besides advance payment on 25th.Day of running month or on emergency. More than this, through the society, the farmers is getting Vitamins, Minerals Mixtures etc. at up to 40% cheaper rates than the market price. Automatically society could successfully establish dairy farming as a profitable business in Nazira area. Soon the society attracted local youths for dairy farming.

From the beginning, the society aimed to establish dairy farming as one of the business of self employment among the local unemployed youths.Society encouraged and facilitated the interested local youths for obtaining bank loans for dairy farming and to return loan installments regularly. Minimum 25% bill amount from the monthly milk is compulsorily deducted by the society at source and deposited to the bank against their loan accounts regularly. This bound the beneficiaries in regular bank repayment and early recovery of loans. Many youths came forward to start dairy farms with the help of the society. Society leads them for obtaining bank loans from State Bank of India, Nazira Town branch. Around 200 loans have already been provided for purchase of milk cows. As a result, within 2 years of formation, the milk production of the society grows up to 1000 (One Thousand) lts. Hundreds of aspirant youths from Nazira as well as different parts of the district are communicating the society for starting their dairy farm for self employment. But the society could not fulfill their expectations due to lack of infrastructure facility for sale of higher volume of milk in earlier condition. The society is hopeful to facilitate these youths following establishment of milk processing plant, Nazira. Now, the society is producing and selling 1200-1400lts milk daily and includes 245 registered milk producers. It has 30 employees for milk collection, distribution, office maintenance etc.

Besides, around 1,000 esteemed regular milk customers. The employees are getting monthly salary up to Rs. 6,500/- monthly when dairy farmers could earn up to maximum Rs.58,848 against milk supply for a month through the society. Village like Nirmolia where nobody had dairy farm prior to the society, now produces around 400lts. milk daily with around 45 new dairy farmers. The second women milk cooperative society in Assam, "Brihattar Nirmolia Prathamik Mahila Dugdha Utpadak Samabai Samiti" is also formed in this village. The society has already become a safe umbrella for 245 poor families of Nazira area directly besides contributing to the state economy and agricultural growth with transaction of above Rs.1.5 Crore from milk of around 3.5 to 4 lakh lts. annually.
As a whole, the society could successfully bring "White Revolution" in Sivasagar district